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As a leader in the distribution of fasteners and other “C” class items,  Liberty not only offers a wide range of products but also specializes in a variety of available services. These services are the "EXTRAS" that set us apart from other competitors.

Our warehouse is state-of-the-art and is fully staffed with experienced fastener specialists who know our products and understand these special service programs.

V.M.I. -   Vendor Managed Inventory

Liberty specializes in the supply of fasteners and related products to OEM’s through single source inventory management programs. These programs are designed to reduce costs in the procurement/supply process.

At the outset of these programs our specialist works with the customer to ascertain the most cost effective inventory review cycle as well as the usage for each item that is to be included in the program. We use this information to determine the required order points, order quantities, package quantities, and storage bin requirements. We then create, print and apply bar code labels to on-site storage bins. We are then able to generate orders by using the data collection terminal to scan bin labels for items that have reached their order point.

Once the program is initiated, procurement and handling costs drop, accuracy increases, stock outs are virtually eliminated.

Prototype Design– we can provide pre-production samples to ensure the part you ordered fits your design requirements.

Blanket Orders – we will enter an order with scheduled release and on-time delivery according to your schedule and requirements.

Custom Packaging – we will custom package parts in accordance with particular specifications.  For example, one item per bag, multiple items per bag, bar coded, heat sealed and/or special labeling.

Bin Stocking Programs – much like our V.M.I. program, we customize each bin stocking program to fit the customer’s request.  For example, some customers use Liberty’s part numbers for their bins, some use their own part numbers, and others use a bin label with part descriptions and part photos.  Options are virtually unlimited.

Laboratory Services– we can provide testing to either your particular specifications or to internationally recognized standards including, but not limited to, ASTM, ANSI, SAE, and ISO.  We can also provide product reports on chemical and physical properties.  We will inform you when requested specifications require secondary testing.

These are just some of the programs Liberty offers to over 4,000 current customers.  We focus on our customers’ specific needs and do not rely on “off-the-shelf” or “one size fits all” type programs.  Our service program commitment to our customers demands that we:

  • Exceed customers’ goals and expectations

  • Customize service and stock levels to meet individual customer needs

  • Organize and consolidate the management of customer fastener requirements

  • Improve the customer’s service level

  • Provide full support to the customer’s quality and engineering departments

  • Support our customers with an experienced, friendly and knowledgeable staff

All of this results in our customers receiving the highest level of service, a better quality product and significant reduction in operating expenses.

Realize these benefits for your company by calling, faxing or emailing Liberty today!