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Security Fasteners

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Opsit TM Reverse Thread

OpsitTM is a reverse thread sheet metal screw that installs counter-clockwise, thus, tightens if removal is attempted. Available with a low profile Truss-Head and Tri-Wing drive.

One Way Sex Bolts

One Way Sex Bolts are only available as 10-24 Truss Heads in 18-8 Stainless Steel only. They may be ordered as a complete set, consisting of a male and female part, and sized according to the Total Partition Size. Posts fit 1/4" diameter holes. Or, these screws can be ordered individually as separate male and female parts.

Standard Non-Tamperproof Torx®

We know it's hard to find Standard Torx¨ screws in stock. So we've added these non-tamperproof screws to our line. Available in pan-head sheet metal screws type AB. Uses standard Torx Tools.

Breakaway Nut/Non-Removable Security Nut Aluminum

Hex nut breaks away when nut is tightened leaving only the tamper-resistant conical portion. No special tool is required - uses standard wrench for installation.