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Cotter Pins

A cotter pin is a low cost and simple locking mechanism that is usually used with a matching nut or bolt. They are made from bent steel wire and are a great way of securing two parts together.

Cotter pins are inserted into a pre-drilled hole and then the ends of the pin are pulled apart until they lock on to the material on the reverse side. They are especially effective for attaching wire to fences or posts.

  • Extended Prong / Chisel Point
  • Manufactured to ASME B18.8.1 specifications
  • 1005-1010 Low Carbon Steel Zinc Plated as well as Stainless Steel

Hitch Pin Clips

  • Also referred to as "Bridge pins" or "Hair pins"
  • Manufactured from MB Spring Steel wire / Zinc Plated

Spring Pins

A spring pin is a hollow cylinder with a horizontal slit down the middle that aids in creating a pivot point. Spring pins can also be lled roll pins, split pins and slotted pins.

Liberty Fastener spring pins come in steel and stainless steel and they are a very economical way of fastening two parts by applying continuous pressure on either side of the slot.

Slotted Type
  • Manufactured to ASME B18.8.2 specifications
  • These are also known as roll pins, split pins, & slotted pins
  • SAE 1070-1095 Carbon Steel, 420 S.S., 302 S.S.