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Larry Scharringhausen


50 years ago, armed with a few note cards, a tiny storefront with a phone and a passion for honesty and hard work, Larry started his own fastener distribution business. It, along with his reputation, flourished and grew to a current customer base of over 3,000 companies. He has achieved for his family and himself that ultimate goal called “The American Dream!” Now retired, he enjoys the fruits of his legacy by passing the company’s operations on to his stepdaughter, Shari Nickens, and taking pleasure in his residences both in Illinois and Florida.

Fun fact: Larry loves reading, gardening, playing solitaire and spending time with his growing family.

Shari Nickens


Shari has a degree in marketing and has forged a unique path through her career in the fastener industry. Having worked in every position at Liberty Fastener since high school, she truly understands the complexities of the business. Since becoming president in 2014, she has implemented many best business practices resulting in the business’s impressive growth. As a second-generation entrepreneur, she looks forward to continuing the company’s 50-year legacy of providing high quality products and excellent customer service.

Fun fact: Shari enjoys spending time with family, traveling and beach walks where she collects shark teeth and beach glass.

Kevin Doheny

Sales/QA Manager

Kevin has been in the fastener industry for over 25 years and here at Liberty Fastener for the past 15 years. He began his career in the fastener industry with a fastener manufacturing company and moved to the distribution side since joining Liberty Fastener. His diverse fastener background has given Kevin a unique perspective on working to solve his customers fastener requirements.

Fun fact: When he is not thinking about fasteners, Kevin likes to spend time with his family, as well as watching the Chicago Whites Sox!

Melissa Avila

Purchasing/Sales Manager

Melissa was invited as a guest to a Liberty Fastener Company picnic 17 years ago, where she recalls telling herself, “These are the type of people I want to work for; I’m tired of just being a number.” In 2008, after 12 years in the financial services industry, Melissa joined the company as a customer service rep. Since then, she has rotated through many positions including: warehouse manager, sales manager, and finally her current position as purchasing manager/inside sale manager. In her words, “Liberty has become my home.”

Fun fact: Melissa loves family time and is looking forward to the arrival of her first grandbaby!

Mike Brooks

Sales Manager

Mike has been in the fastener industry for the past 27 years where he has held various positions including: route driver, warehouse support, warehouse manager, and inside sales. Mike joined the Liberty team in 2011 as the warehouse manager. He held this position until July, 2021 when he moved into his current position as inside sales manager. Mike strives to build great relationships with our customers and vendors while continuing to broaden his fastener knowledge.

Fun fact: Mike enjoys listening to music, playing guitar and drums, cars, and loves the Lord!

Steve Drake

Outside Sales Executive

Steve has an extensive career in outside sales. He previously served as industrial sales rep, manufacturers rep, and regional sales manager, before joining Liberty in 2010 as outside sales exec. Steve thrives on face-to-face contact at customer and prospect locations, listening to their needs and desire for better suppliers. Steve has brought more than 100 new accounts to Liberty Fastener, and looks forward to the challenge of 100 more.

Fun fact: Steve enjoys sports, concerts, movies, fast cars and dining out with friends.

Shabbir Poonawalla

Accounting Manager

Shabbir joined Liberty Fastener in 2021 as the accounting manager for the company. Shabbir has a master’s degree in accounting and brings Liberty over 30 years of finance and accounting experience in various industries. Liberty Fastener gives him a chance to implement his knowledge and depth of experience – both critical to Liberty’s current and future success.

Fun fact: In his spare time, Shabbir enjoys travel, bicycling and spending as much time as possible with his granddaughter.

Herbert Estacio

Warehouse Manager

Herbert has been an integral part of Liberty Fastener for more than 2 years in his position as the warehouse manager. He has been in the fastener industry for 13 years with managerial and sales experience. Herbert is the man behind the scene who makes sure customers get their orders on time. With his warm and friendly personality, he establishes great relationships with our customers and understands their individual needs. His dedication and skills bring significant value to the company’s overall success.

Fun fact: Herbert is an avid golfer and is a four-time Chicago marathon finisher.

Luis Salas

Warehouse Support

More than 17 years ago, Luis was hired by Liberty Fastener as a temporary employee. His managers took note of his fast work pace, hard work ethic and his attention to detail. Soon thereafter, he was hired as a permanent part of Liberty’s warehouse team. As the second longest term employee, he takes pride in preparing, packing and shipping quality products to our customers.

Fun fact: Luis enjoys watching and following sports, especially his favorite soccer team, Rayados de Monterrey. He is a proud grandfather of one grandson and two granddaughters.

Ralph Calvelo

Driver/Receiving/Warehouse Support

Ralph has more than 15 years of warehouse experience. He joined Liberty Fastener in 2021 as our delivery and receiving/warehouse support. Ralph is a fun-loving guy who enjoys the face-to-face interactions with the customers he serves. Ralph is an integral part of our warehouse process as he manages the incoming and outgoing inventory.

Fun fact: Ralph is an adventurer who loves travel, fishing and the outdoors.

George Politis

Threads Up

George moved from Greece to the United States in 2011 where he began his fastener career at a local machine shop. He quickly learned the art of fastener fabrication, and for a few years ran his own fabrication business. In 2022, George joined Liberty Fastener where he continues to hone his craft of reworking standard fasteners into custom parts for our customers.

Fun fact: George is a referee for both men’s and women’s soccer leagues. He enjoys spending time with his daughter and son.