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For light to medium duty anchoring in wall, concrete block, wood or steel.
Nut and washer are included
Steel Zinc Yellow Finish

Expansion Pin Anchors

For medium and heavy duty anchoring in concrete or block
Body: Hot rolled steel, Zinc
Pin: Carbon steel, Zinc

Hollow Wall Anchors

Shell: C1008-1010 or equivalent cold-rolled steel
Screw:Carbon Steel with Minimum Tensile Strength of 60,000psi.
Light duty anchor for use in hollow wall; Standard style requires pre drilled hole.
Drive style anchor can penetrate drywall or sheetrock.

Lag Screw Shields

Die-Cast Zinc
Medium Duty Anchor that achieves full grip after Lag screw is tightened.
Standard lengths for concrete; Extra long sizes for mortar or brick.

Lead Wood Screw Anchors

Lead Alloy
Light duty anchor used with wood screws, lags, or tapping screws in brick, block, drywall, masonry, or concrete.