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31-3NCL , Self Clinching Nuts

One of our special types of studs and a best-seller as well, is the self-clinching stud.

Self-clinching studs are available in threaded and unthreaded forms.
  • A threaded self-clinching stud is used like a typical stud.
  • An unthreaded self-clinching stud is the equivalent of a permanent pivot or pin.
Can be pressed into any panel or material and will self-clinch. Clinch nuts can also attach more than one panel together.
  • Can be installed into metals of Rockwell hardness of B80 max.
  • Case Hardened Steel Zinc Plated
Products specifications
Size 5/16-18-3 in
Ctn Qty 4000
Weight Lbs/M 10.63
Plating Steel Zinc
Max. Hardness Rockwell B80
Hardness Rockwell B80