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Liberty Fastener Security Fasteners

Security fasteners are any kind of fastener—usually in the form of a screw—that is virtually impossible to remove without a special removing driver. Security fasteners are an important part of our distribution for our customers that cannot afford to make products that could somehow be tampered with.

Liberty Fastener security fasteners come in a large selection of sizes, shapes, models and finishes so that no matter what kind of job you are doing, one of them will work well for you.

Why Would I Need a Security Fastener?

Why do you need a security fastener? The answer to this question is different for everyone. Here are a couple reasons why you may want to consider using security fasteners:

  • On street signs and other important permanent safety signs

  • Electrical panels that are not meant to be removed

  • Any kind of panel or mechanism that guards important or confidential materials

  • Medical devices

  • Heavy machinery, automotive or aerospace applications

In almost all of these scenarios, a security fastener would prevent tampering and/or removal which could have serious consequences.

Types of Security Fasteners

Liberty Fastener provides security fasteners in various models. There are screws with oddly shaped heads or heads that can't be removed with a standard wrench or screwdriver. Most security fasteners can only be removed with a special wrench that is unique to the fasteners themselves.

Order Your Security Fasteners Today

Contact us for more information about our selection of security fasteners and what they can do for you. We guarantee our highest standard of quality on all of our security fasteners. Call or e-mail us and order your security fasteners today.

Socket Pin-Head

Engineered for a high degree of tamper-resistance offering positive engaging, high torque transmission while resisting cam-out and tool wear. Available in Button & Flat-Head design or set screws (special order). Matching driver bit required for installation and removal.

Breakaway Nut/Non-Removable Security Nut Aluminum

Hex nut breaks away when nut is tightened leaving only the tamper-resistant conical portion. No special tool is required - uses standard wrench for installation.

Standard Non-Tamperproof Torx

We know it's hard to find Standard Torx¨ screws in stock. So we've added these non-tamperproof screws to our line. Available in pan-head sheet metal screws type AB, diameters #8 and #10. Uses standard Torx Tools

One-Way Slotted

Popular design installs with standard screwdriver. Reverse side cammed out to prevent unauthorized removal. Machine and sheet metal screws available in Round, Truss or Oval-Head designs. Sex-Bolts also available.

Phillips Pin-Head

Traditional Phillips drive with tamper-resistant pin added for security. Easy to drive & remove with matching tool. (Cannot be removed with Phillips Screwdriver.) Available in machine & sheet metal screws with Flat or Pan-Head design

Snake Eyes Spanner

The original Snake Eyes Spanner requires matching driver bit reducing the chances of unauthorized removal. Available in 18-8 stainless steel. Some machine screws available in brass. Stainless steel set screws available as special order. Nuts are Zinc alloy.

Torx Pin-Head

Maximum torque transfer & positive tool engagement means easier drive installation with less pressure & slippage. Torx Pin-Head offers a high degree of security & requires matching driver bit. Available in:

  • Button & Flat-Head machine screws

  • Button & Flat-Head self-tapping screws

  • Pan-Head self-drilling screws


TP3...Security to the third power

We've added TP3 to our powerful line-up of security fasteners. Its new triangular recessed drive offers three times the security of ordinary sheet metal screws. Available in #8 and #10 self-tapping screws, Type A, 410 stainless steel in a variety of lengths.


Economical Tri-Wing tamper-resistant screws are the common choice for high volume assembly operations while offering a minimal degree of security. Machine & sheet metal screws are offered in a Pan-Head design and OpsitTM reverse thread.

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