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Blind rivets are used where the rivet is not accessible from both sides.  They have an integral mandrel that permits the formation of an upset on the blind end of the rivet.  As the mandrel is pulled into or against the body being riveted it breaks at or near the intersection of the mandrel shank and its upset end.  Blind rivets are frequently used as an alternative to solid rivets.


Bulbing Type


Drive rivets are easy to install, requiring no special tools. The drive rivet is set by striking the pin with a hammer, driving the pin flush with the rivet head and expanding the back side of the rivet.

We offer a range of aluminum drive rivets in 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4" and 3/8" body diameters with universal (dome), brazier (large flange), countersunk and trailer liner head styles.

Drive Pin -Countersunk                                Drive Pin-Brazier


Semi-tubular rivets have a coaxial cylindrical or tapered hole in the end opposite the head, the depth of which does not exceed 112% of the mean shank diameter.  Semi-tubular rivets are similar to solid rivets, but require much less insertion force, allowing longer rivets to be used without the rivet shank buckling.  Semi-tubular rivets are used in impact riveting applications. Upon impact the rivet end flares outward, following the shape of the tool, until it rolls up against the surface of the work piece.

Semi Tubular-150                                  Semi Tubular-Oval


Semi-Tubular-Truss                    Semi Tubular-120


Solid rivets have completely solid shafts with no internal cavities.  Bending, hammering, or twisting the protruding end to create a strong connection secures solid rivets.  They are more difficult to attach than other rivet types and required powered machinery to insert.  Variations of solid rivets include those with round heads and those with flat heads.

Solid Rivet- Countersunk                     Solid Rivet-button

Solid Rivet-Flat                          Solid Rivet-Pan



A split rivet that has two shanks that are spread apart once the rivet has been inserted. Split rivets are also referred to as bifurcated rivets.

Split-Countersunk                                       Split Rivet-Oval


Tubular rivets have a coaxial cylindrical hole in the headless end that exceeds 112% of the rivet shank diameter.  They are designed for securing by splaying the end.  Tubular rivets are used most commonly in self-piercing applications, where a pre-drilled hole is not required.  Tubular rivets are used in a wide variety of manufacturing areas, including industrial, aerospace and automotive.

Full Tubular


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